Music Production

Are you looking for high quality production? Our in-house producers have just what you’re looking for. We offer a variety of beats in a number of different genres, with buying options such as licensing and exclusive rights purchasing.


What do we mean by licensing? Licensing, allows an artist to “lease” a beat at an ultra affordable price. Depending on the type of license, the artist is given certain permissions and restrictions when using the beat, such as permission to distribute a certain amount of copies of the material in which the beat was used. The most important fact is that the producer retains full ownership of the beat and all rights to it.



What do we mean by exclusive rights? If an artist wants the right to do as he or she pleases with a beat, they must purchase the exclusive rights to do so. In other words, the artist must buy full ownership of the beat. Prices for exclusive rights will vary depending on the producer and the beat.


Did you record a hit song, but the beat that you used doesn’t legally belong to you? Send us the instrumental and the acapella version of your song and we’ll create a custom beat taylored just for your song.